Sesquicentennial Article

 Here’s an article that appeared in a Sesquicentennial souvenir book called London: 150 Cultural Moments, published for Canada 150 in July 2017.  The profile describes my instrument collection and mentions my need for a museum and a benefactor to sponsor it.  Illustrations include a picture of some of the instruments I provided for Disney’s remake of The Music Man (2002), a photo of one of the display walls at my exhibition “The Bands of Time” at the London Museum (1999-2000), and a snapshot of me playing keyed bugle and leading the PFBB in a Sesquicentennial concert with many other mid-19th-century instruments, such as over-the-shoulder saxhorns, small tubas, helicons, and an ophicleide being played as well.

Article – Sesquicentennial Book – London 150 Cultural Moments

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